Have Storm Drains On Your Property? Why It's So Important To Keep Them Clean

31 May 2022
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Storm drains are quiet but mighty devices that play an important role wherever they are located. These drains funnel water off of streets and channel the liquid through a series of pipes that lead to much larger bodies of water. Because storm drains tend to blend into the surrounding environment, it's easy to forget that they require the same care as some of the more visible systems that keep your home going. If there happen to be one or more storm drains on your property, find out why you should have them cleaned out on a regular basis.

Clogged Storm Drains Could Lead To Flooding

Unlike the sewer system that you may have on your land, storm drains are not designed to harbor trash. The grates are small but they can be just wide enough to allow twigs and leaves to become lodged inside the catch basin that lies just below the surface. If the garbage starts to build up and begins to form a nest, you will likely look around one day and find the foundation of your house nearly covered in water after a good downpour.

The purpose of a storm drain is to keep floods from becoming a major issue. However, without the proper care and maintenance, the drains won't be able to do their job and the results can be disastrous. Water may seem like a benign substance but when it is allowed to accumulate in large puddles the damage can be quite extensive. Getting your storm drains cleaned before the debris spirals out of control is an excellent way to protect the investment you have in your home.

Cleaning Your Storm Drains Could Prevent A Nasty Accident 

Slick streets that are soaking wet after a rain shower can be quite dangerous. You may recall the difficulties you've experienced when trying to drive or walk through puddles. The water tends to fly everywhere and if it is high enough, it could potentially cause your engine to stall just when you pull out in front of another motorist.

Protect yourself and those around you by having your storm drains cleaned by a professional. It's a very considerate move that can help boost the safety of your community.

Storm drains are not meant to house foreign objects. Contact a storm drain cleaning service that can evaluate the condition of your drains and get them cleaned out and ready for use.