Industrial Recycling: Why Your Company Needs To Take Heed Now

12 March 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Do you own or operate a business? If so and your company does not have a recycling plan in place, you likely dispose of a lot of waste. Most likely some of the waste that your company disposes of could be recycled. Industrial recycling is ideal for a number of reasons, and companies that recognize its importance can lead the way to better business practices. The following are a few reasons you should consider implementing an industrial recycling program. 

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Companies that opt for industrial recycling programs help the environment by reducing their carbon footprint. This means that greenhouse emissions and the demand for energy are generally reduced. This is especially true for companies that transition into implementing zero waste initiatives. There are many different types of industrial waste that can be recycled. For example, obsolete machinery and solvents can both be recycled through an industrial recycling program. 

Save Money

Your company is likely paying a lot of revenue for its disposal costs. Opting to recycle can curb those costs and save your business money. Your company may also qualify for special government programs that can save you money on taxes. At some point, the government may start sanctioning companies that do not have responsible waste disposal programs. By implementing an industrial recycling program now, you will be ahead of any future requirements.

Improve Company's Value

It is also possible that your company will garner interest from investors due to them seeing value in your business. If your company is in an industry that gets a bad rep for pollution, industrial recycling can "shed a new light" on your industry. Being the first or a "trailblazer" in initiatives to improve industry standards is wise and it can garner positive attention

Attract New Business

Today, a lot of people are environmentally conscious. Many of them prefer to conduct business with companies that are making efforts to protect the environment. Perhaps some of your competitors are not actively engaged in an industrial recycling program. This means that you could potentially attract their clients by being responsible. 

Many companies do not know how to start their own industrial recycling programs. This is why it is wise to use an industrial recycling company, such as Norm Gordon & Associates, Inc., as a resource. They can identify the many types of waste that your company has and determine which ones can be recycled. They can also help you plan for the ethical disposal of waste that cannot be recycled.